Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet


In the future humans and an alien species known as the Hideauze (space squids) are locked into a never ending war.
We are introduced to the main lead Ensign Ledo


and his *cough* Gundam… Chamber.
After a failed mission to destroy an hideauze weapon they didn’t get back to the worm hole in time and wound up crash landing on an unknown planet. Which just so happens to be Earth or what has become of it. The ice caps have melted and Earth has become a Water World.

Ledo and chamber were picked up by a floating fleet of natives to Gargantia(the floating city of numerous ships). Where we are introduced to the love interest Amy…



The thing that drew me in to this anime was the visuals. I wasn’t very excited to watch another anime with gundam/mechs  in it but, luckily this anime doesn’t focus heavily on that aspect. The focus of this anime is truly the building of this character in this new environment. However, I think this sort of plot is becoming pretty tired in anime’s as of late. I cannot tell you how many anime’s plots are focused on throwing an “alien” into a new environment and add a love story/ gundam/ war story to the mix (Gurren Lagann). With that said i think they took it to a nice setting. This is the first Water world like anime that I have seen which i liked but the story just feels so pieced together.

The twists in this anime are pretty solid though, there’s two. One I saw coming and one i didn’t.

I would recommend this anime though. I really did like the water world vibe they were going for in this anime and I would like to see a season 2 because the plot changes pretty drastically after the finale. However, if you have epilepsy you might want to skip the first episode.

Heavy rave lighting effects are present.


I give this anime 3.5 cute squirrels out of 5 squirrels.


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